Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Engineer

Job Overview

SOLS Energy designs, distribute, install and maintain solar energy systems in Malaysia & South East Asia. We embody social and environmental responsibility to give back to underserved communities by bringing them free education and clean energy.

What do I get?

Job Advancement

An opportunity for growth - personally and professionally.

Create Real Impact

Know that the work you do changes lives every single day.

Work in the New Normal

Use technology to increase work productivity and effectiveness.

What do I need?

  • MUST POSSESS A GCPV CERTIFICATE (Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Design Certificate);
  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree Master’s Degree, Engineering (Environmental/Health/Safety), Engineering (Others) or equivalent;
  • Required skill(s): Photovoltaics, Engineering, Solar, Teaching, Communication and Training, Good interpersonal skills, Proactive attitude, comfortable with communal living and respectable business knowledge, Able to perform in an interdisciplinary professional team, as well as working independently when appropriate;
  • Required language(s): Bahasa Malaysia, English;
  • At least 2-5 years of experience working on designs, installation, direct contact with solar equipment;
  • Commit to 2 years in order to gain the relevant and necessary understanding of the day-to-day operations and aim of the team and the academy.

What will I do?

Training and Development

  • Teaching renewable energy concepts with a specific focus on Solar PV Energy;
  • Developing and implementing educational modules and supporting materials;
  • Researching about renewable energies and tech subjects for R&D purposes;
  • Attendance of relevant training on solar devices and innovative technologies in the solar industry.

Solar PV System Design

  • Operating a tech-lab and experiment with Solar PV Energy equipment;
  • Developing and consulting on Solar System Designs using relevant software;
  • Preparation of project proposals for clients and partner organizations.

Team Management & Reports

  • Working with youth from various backgrounds and cultures;
  • Cooperation and consultations with the team of electricians, executives and directors;
  • Work with Solar Academy students to set up solar panels as part of on the job training;
  • Consultancy and technical support to procurement department;
  • Reporting on a weekly basis to academy director and the upper management;
  • Assisting in paperwork and office duties.

What is working in SOLS Energy like?


Interested in the position? 

SOLS Energy

We are a green energy company that customers love. We are a social enterprise which lives responsibility to the core. Responsibility for our customers, employees, communities and planet. We are leaders in the residential solar market and enable SMEs to operate more efficiently.

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