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What is SOLS.ai?

The SOLS Academy of Innovation (SOLS.ai) is a free, 12-month education and boarding programme designed to provide a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity to young, underprivileged Malaysians, especially those of the urban poor, rural and indigenous communities.

The programme lasts 12 months, within which students are offered four distinct courses organized into two streams. They can either end up being an English Trainer, Solar Technician, JPK Accredited Computer Refurbisher or Programmer. The programme is holistic, focusing on both soft and hard skills, while providing practical training and even internship and employment opportunities, all for FREE!


Why does SOLS.ai exist?

We believe in fighting poverty. We believe in fighting climate change. We believe in the power of English and technology to open doors of opportunity. The SOLS Academy of Innovation is our way of exercising all these beliefs under one roof.

The young people we serve come from situations we can barely imagine. Most of these students have dropped out of school early in life to earn a living. Some of these youth haven’t set foot more than 20km from their village. Some of them haven’t even seen an escalator before, and some are even afraid of computers. They are the urban poor, the rural and indigenous communities at the fringes of society.

There is no other institution offering to train underprivileged youth to be English Trainers, no other institution training these youth in environmental science and renewable energy technology, certifying them as Solar Technicians. No other institution training them to be licensed computer refurbishers, no institution teaching them programming, and certainly no one else delivering this altogether.

We exist because this is a second chance for these youth to get a real education. We give it to them and they don’t pay a cent. We exist because nothing else like this exists, when it should.


What does SOLS.ai teach?



Character Building

Project Management


Solar Energy

Environmental Science




With the support of J.P. Morgan, SOLS 24/7 is able to address some of Malaysia’s most critical skills gaps, reduce unemployment, and build out its credentialed training program to be able to open up channels for quality employment for its graduates in some of the country’s fastest-growing sectors.


No. 10 & 12-1, Jalan 8/38a, Taman Sri Sinar, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening hours are 09:00 - 18:00 (UTC+08:00), Monday to Friday.
SOLS Academy of Innovation observes all national and state holidays.