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What is SOLS Edu?

SOLS Edu is a structured online learning system that takes the form of an in-house online application. It is our attempt to bring digital education to underserved communities in Malaysia by combining both our strengths: education and technology. It is designed to harness all the benefits of digital education and deliberate practice, with the ultimate aim to teach English to anyone, anytime and anywhere, making English accessible for all.






Why does SOLS Edu exist?

As an organization that has been engaged with both education and technology for 10 years in Malaysia, SOLS Edu as an idea took a long time to gestate, but it’s existence was as eventual and inevitable as nature. It is a natural manifestation of our interests and strengths, and as we ponder on the next step; as we look forward at the years ahead; beyond the borders of Malaysia; SOLS Edu is our answer to bring education to whosoever might need it, wherever they are.

How is SOLS Edu unique?


SOLS Edu distinguishes itself from other learning apps through it’s interactive human interface. There are various ways to interact with the application, and SOLS Edu uses both video and audio to engage with the user. Through it’s innovative monitoring capabilities, teachers can track the individual or collective progress of students, gaining real-time insights to manage the classroom. It is accessible both online and offline, but most importantly, it gamifies education. This enhances learning and practice by making it exciting and engaging through competition, clear goals and immediate feedback.



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