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What is SOLS Energy?

SOLS Energy is a licensed renewable energy specialist operating in Malaysia. We design, distribute, install and maintain solar energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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Why does SOLS Energy exist?

Malaysia is the third largest producer of solar cells in the world, next to China and Taiwan. Yet up until 2013, 90% of our electricity was still powered by fossil fuels that destroy our environment. A few decades ago, households had valid excuses to opt out of solar as it was complex and expensive to maintain. Today, solar power produces cheaper electricity than almost all of our alternatives.

Think about it: technology is allowing us to use light to power our machines and our homes. But yet, we cling to a 150-year old outdated technology instead. We exist because not enough people know about this. Solar energy is cleaner, cheaper, more accessible and more efficient than ever before. It represents the best of human technological potential, and it’s right in the palm of your hand. It’s time for an upgrade.

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