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What is SOLS smart?

SOLS smart is a social enterprise that aims to provide high quality and easy education accessible to anyone and everyone. Combining the best practices of education and technology, SOLS smart is a certified Cambridge English Language Assessment Centre and 1 of 9 Google for Education partners in ASEAN. We bring cutting edge solutions to the table and keep education simple.


What does SOLS smart do?


1) We offer English training using an award winning methodology. Having developed and implemented our method for over 30 years, we are experts in teaching English to people with zero english. Read more about our English Teaching Methodology in the “Methodology” of our Community Centre programmes page here!


2) We offer online resources training and certification, training teachers how to use Google’s apps for education and free online resources to digitize the classroom. We are a Google for Education partner, and our clients are accredited by Google!



3) We offer Cambridge English Examinations and certification to students who have gone through our education programmes. We are an official Cambridge English Language Assessment Centre!




Why does SOLS smart exist?

Traditionally, the definition of ‘literacy’ is understood as the ability to read and write. But in the 21st Century, this definition has been expanded.

Today, the definition of literacy is as shown above, and it includes ‘the ability to use computers’. Being pen-and-paper literate is only a part of the equation now.

This means the 10 million Malaysians who don’t have access to computers today can, by this definition, be considered functionally illiterate.

Not being able to use or understand technology is a handicap in our age. As technology progresses onward, all of society has to catch up, not just the ones at the forefront. SOLS smart exists so that everyone can benefit equally from both education and technology.


Cambridge English Exams in SOLS 24/7


SOLS 24/7 is an Authorised Centre (MY498) for Cambridge English Language Assessments. We offer Cambridge English examinations with subsidized fees to our students that study English with SOLS 24/7.

This is an opportunity seldom provided to the underprivileged: one of the most valuable English language qualifications in the world.

Only SOLS 24/7 students who have completed the SOLS 24/7 English programme are eligible to apply.

Why should you take Cambridge English Exam?


Develop & Test your English Skills

Receive a Cambridge English Certificate

Globally Recognised English Exam

Premier Quality English Language Qualification

SOLS smart Subsidised Exam Fees

Better Employment Opportunities 


Which exam is suitable for me?



How to Apply?



If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us by sending an e-mail [email protected]


Google Training in SOLS 24/7

SOLS smart is an accredited Google for Education Partner, 1 of 9 in ASEAN! We keep education simple by advancing digital literacy, emphasising digital education, and bringing cutting edge solutions to the table! Clients who successfully pass the training will be accredited with Google Certification.


Why should you get Google certified? 

Get Computer Literate

Google sends your Headmaster a commendation letter


Upgrade to 21st Century Tech

Gain access to GCE (Google Certified Educator) community for an endless amount of teaching resources

Understand International best practices

Special invitations to GCE events for workshops, demo-slams, & more at Google office


What do I get?

What exactly do I learn during Google Training? Well, we deliver training in both Google for Education Apps and other third-party online resources that provide excellent teaching material. Combined, these tools can transform the classroom, learning, teaching and even the teacher-student relationship.


Google for Education Apps


Gmail – Fast and efficient emailing

Chrome – A multi-purpose browser

Drive – Create, share, store your files

Docs – Edit and collaborate

Slides – Create and edit visual presentations

Sheets – Create and share spreadsheets

Forms – Build surveys and gather information

Calendar – Get organized

Sites – Create websites

YouTube – Watch, upload and share videos

Hangouts – Stay Connected

Classroom – Enhance learning in school


Online Resources 


Free online university courses

Khan Academy 

Free, world-class education


Online courses from world’s top publishers


Free online university courses


 Access any information 24/7


Educational progress management system

Academic Earth

Unparalleled curation of courses


 Spark and celebrate ideas

Open Learning Initiative

Innovative online course

Project Guttenburg

Free access to literature


Global market for all things education

World Factbook

Comprehensive online encyclopedia


How to Apply?

If you want to enrol in our training programme or learn more about Google for Education certifications, please call +6018 2121 247, or send an e-mail to [email protected]



1 Petaling Commerz Residential Condos, #1-9, Jalan 1 C/149, Off Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening hours are 09:00 - 18:00 (UTC+08:00), Monday to Friday.
SOLS smart observes all national and state holidays.