Strategy Associate (SOLS Energy)

Job Overview

Liaise and coordinate with other teams in the organization and support them with strategic solutions to make what they do easier and yield better outcomes.

SOLS Energy is a licensed and registered renewable energy specialist operating in Malaysia. We design, distribute, install and maintain solar energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We are a proud member of the South East Asia Renewable Energy People Assembly and an Impact Driven Enterprise Accredited by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre.

What is working in SOLS Energy like?

Key Tasks

Identify problems and opportunities for improvement

Facilitate meetings, presentations and workshops to build commitment for the change

What do I get?



[only Internationals]

*Note: Based on Malaysian Immigration approval


What do I need?

  • No minimum working experience needed. Bonus if you have any;
  • Critical thinker that enjoys problem solving and research;
  • Good at follow through and manages time well;
  • Able to distil the key topics, components, or issues from discussions with both internal and external stakeholders;
  • Must have the ability to report to work on a regular and punctual basis, despite working in a flexible schedule;
  • Working knowledge and implementation of Google Suites, computers and current communication technology as work tools;
  • Strong proficiency in English essential (oral and written);
  • Excellent people and community skill;
  • Ability to establish and maintain a cooperative and effective working relationship with others;
  • Understanding of SOLS 24/7 values, principles and objectives and demonstrated the ability to put them into practice in the workplace;
  • Ability to work independently, as well as part of a multidisciplinary team;

What will I do?

  • To assist in prototype and deploy interventions by outlining the scope of the work, identify and map out schedules, milestones and required resources to meet the project objectives;
  • To assist in implementation and develop compelling value propositions, proposal development and detailed plans to support execution and realization of desired project outcomes;
  • To assist in identifying current issues and opportunities for continuous improvement. Research solutions and possible ways to capitalise on these opportunities;
  • To assist in measure interventions and make adjustments accordingly;
  • To assist in communicating the work product, respectful feedback and results that will be delivered to the management team, company staff, internal and external project teams;
  • To coordinate and facilitate complex meetings, presentations and workshops to build commitment for the change;
  • To assist in cultivating follow-on opportunities and develop compelling business case or proposals to new business opportunities;
  • To assist in work tactfully to inspire faster adoption, greater utilization, and higher proficiency by employees regarding new ways of operating as a result of the consulting project outcomes;


Our team working at SOLS Enterprise office

Interested or have any questions regarding the position? 

Please apply here or contact us at +60390549247 for further information.

Applications close on 30th November 2019.

SOLS Energy

SOLS Energy aspires to future-proof the world through the power of technology & sustainable energy. As a tech-enabled company, we are the leading sustainable energy providers for the residential market and are rapidly growing in the commercial sector. We utilize the world’s best solar inverters from Austria, panels from Canada & China and cables from Germany.

We provide the highest quality solar installation that lasts over 25 years and is best priced in the market. We have also established the first and only solar academy in Malaysia training youth from poor communities thus providing quality and time-saving installations.

Being a part of our social enterprise means that you will be part of a team that designs, distributes, installs and maintains solar energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We are on a mission to connect people, businesses and humanitarians to real sustainable energy solutions.