Tabitha Romer – Testimonial

This is the first year my university have partnered with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and offered their students an internship with SOLS, in Kuala Lumpur. I went to the question and answer session in a university lecture theatre and it was there I learned about what SOLS does and what the internship entailed. I was inspired when I left the lecture theatre and very intrigued. I went straight home to research the organisation and how to apply!

I spent two months working for SOLS 24/7 Malaysia in the summer of 2014. The office is one huge family and everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Office staff are very passionate about their roles and projects. They also like to have fun whilst at work. I worked in the business development team and assisting my supervisor, Mr. Syed in his projects. We discussed new ideas about how to grow and expand and came up with some very exciting ideas. I took part in meetings and contributed my ideas and thoughts.

To be a part of helping develop new and current projects to help poor students across Malaysia has been a privilege. Providing education in the form of English and communication skills will benefit and open so many doors for these young people. It is very fulfilling to think I was a little piece of the puzzle to help achieve the huge aim and plan of SOLS 24/7 Malaysia.

My two months went by in a flash – in fact too quickly! I am extremely thankful that I was given an opportunity to be part of this wonderful and vibrant team – they create and build incredible projects for the underprivileged young people of Malaysia. I truly believe that SOLS make a difference and are on a very fast-growing path. I look forward to hearing about their progress and the growth of new projects on the horizon. I have met some incredible new people who I hope will stay friends with for life. I want to wish them all the best for their future plans and I am very sure they will all be very successful in whatever they do. I want to thank SOLS 24/7 Malaysia for a life-changing experience and one that I will never forget. I have learned so much and being part of the team was a true honour.

Nationality: British
University: Newcastle University
Internship placement: July and August 2014
Department: Business Development