Reviews & Testimonials

Yvette Cornelissen

My time at SOLS… I close my eyes and the past 5,5 months flashes before me, what an experience it has been… One of the best adventures, I have to say. Not only have I developed my professional skills, but my personal skills as well.


Jack Seaberry

Working with SOLS 24/7 has been an incredible experience, one which allowed me to grow and develop immensely in a small timeframe. The culturally diverse dynamic of the office is delicious, and I deeply appreciate all that was done for me there.


Simon Durig

Looking back it was a very nice, challenging and enriching experience within SOLS 24/7. During my 3 months in the company I could really feel the impact of my work and my contribution to the departments. I met a lot of very interesting people, whom I will miss back in Europe.


Rajmund Keresztes

I joined SOLS 24/7 as part of my International Business and Management Studies for a 6-months long internship period. I had Asian major at the university, which meant several subjects related to the Asian business environment. However, I cannot really say I had much information specifically about Malaysia and its culture.


Perry Chan

Before I came here, I was not sure what clinical psychology was about although this is something that I have been very interested in. I decided to join the SHIELD Program in Malaysia. After one year of exploring, researching under direction from my supervisor and speaking directly to many practicing psychologists that work with SHIELD, now I am very clear what psychotherapy approach I am going to specialise in in the future.


Mathias Gockeln

The people and the environment in SOLS allowed me to develop my personal and also my professional skills. The trust from the very beginning was awesome. There is the space you need to improve yourself and also to improve the Organisation itself. People in SOLS following the same passion that makes it different from every company I worked with before.


Evelina Gasiūnaitė

Everyone who is thinking to apply to SOLS 24/7 Malaysia, I can advice that only YOU create your life, and if you want to fill it with unforgettable memories, adventurous, new friends, great work experience in a foreign country and to help other people to reach their life goals, it’s the best place to do it.



Gordana Novakovic

After university, I faced the question, which I believe many young people face. The question: what now? I was really passionate about human rights, and this time I wanted to explore the education aspect of it, with a combination of development on a grass-root level. How lucky I was to be introduced to SOLS, which does just that!



Ruben van Offeren

An internship in SOLS Malaysia is unlike any other internship as it teaches you more than just a series of hard skills. You not only work together; you also eat, sleep and travel together with your co-workers. Although it could be challenging from time-to-time it was a great way to meet new people with different backgrounds.



Carmen Kromhout

I worked independently on creating content and posting. The trust in me that my manager showed really stimulated me to become independent in my work ethic. I think that the overarching learning point of all the things I experienced interning at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia is that I learnt to think for myself. Being able to do something yourself and being recognised for it feels really great.



Sila Serin

I extended my stay from four to six months! It’s amazing how much I’ve learned all thanks to my amazing team. With very diverse tasks, I learned about media monitoring, became much better at writing and got to plan and organize the coolest events.



Maroua Naili

This experience has turned out to be the best working and life experience that I have ever had so far. SOLS Malaysia gives you the chance to be involved in and put your personal touch on big projects, you get to see your impact on the organizations and on the students who come to learn- it’s amazing.



Esther Spijker

As an intern in SOLS you get a lot of responsibilities and freedom to take on tasks, which really helps you to develop on a personal and professional level. I learned so much from all the people around me in so many ways. I enjoyed the tasks and duties as an HR intern a lot. Especially welcoming new people and doing interviews. The team is amazing, everybody is so motivated and the interaction between all these people from different parts of the world is such a cool experience.


Annegret W.

Like a lot of young adults who consider themselves world citizens I always wanted to work internationally. My dream was and still is to contribute something meaningful, make an impact, and maybe even leave a footprint that might inspire others.


Nadhirah Fazil

One Spongebob-looking smile, that was all it took for me to fall in love with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. I remember visiting one of the centres in an aboriginal village during my second week at SOLS 24/7. I played around with the students for only a little while, but I was sad to let them go. Leaving them behind, to me, was very heart-breaking, as their spongebob-looking smile left a trace in my heart. Their smile motivated me, and that was how I made full use of my internship at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. It was from then on that I realised that my duty at SOLS 24/7 HQ could be a big impact towards the student’s future.



Felicity Taylor

Now that my year at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia has come to an end, I can safely say that coming to Malaysia and immersing myself in an Orang Asli community and such an innovative organisation was the best thing I have been given the chance to do. Not only was I able to gain valuable experience by working as a Community Development Officer, but I also got to learn so much about different cultures and communities.


Alex Shafee

Joining SOLS 24/7 Malaysia has turned out to be the best opportunity I’ve been handed in my life to date. Firstly, it has taken me to a wonderful country on the other side of the world, in a city full of life, culture and vibrancy. Living in Kuala Lumpur has been my first chance to live and work abroad, and though at first daunting, it’s an adventure that has had a real impact on me. The city and country are only half the cultural story. In the office alone, the number of different nationalities has at times swelled to over 15. I’ve worked in multi-cultural groups at university, but nothing like the scale and extent of this; every time you go for a coffee, you’re bound to learn something new.



Louise Smith

My time at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia was short but very sweet. I jumped at the opportunity to apply for the 8-week summer internship between my first and second years at Newcastle University; it was a fantastic chance to combine my course studies of Marketing with my personal interests of travel and volunteering.

Jenny Kim

Oh, I don’t even know where to begin when talking about the past year with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia! I guess firstly, what really made this year truly unforgettable are the relationships I made with people in my community and in the organization. Students would take me into their homes and make sure that I have sampled every Chinese, Malay, and Indian dish available. Their hospitality and generosity is something that has left such an impact on my life (and my waistline!).


Tabitha Romer

This is the first year my university have partnered with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and offered their students an internship with SOLS, in Kuala Lumpur. I went to the question and answer session in a university lecture theatre and it was there I learned about what SOLS does and what the internship entailed. I was inspired when I left the lecture theatre and very intrigued. I went straight home to research the organisation and how to apply!


Katerine Radnaeva

When I was studying at the University I was plagued by thoughts to go somewhere and make the difference. AIESEC suggested to go to SOLS 24/7 and I decided to take this opportunity. I really think that I’m very lucky I did not change my mind. Now I can understand that I did not have any exact goals when I was making my decision but I liked SOLS from the website and AIESEC sources and I just felt that it was mine. I wanted to go and try. And as a result of this decision I loved all the teachers and students from the bottom of my heart.


Berry Busker

SOLS is an amazing organization, which gives volunteers the unique possibility to experience the real Malaysian culture and to help their society. The moment I arrived I noticed their hospitality and their way of life. My University programme gives students the possibility to go abroad and work within a foreign organization. I really wanted to grab this opportunity to go and to this! Thanks to some connections from my University I came in contact with SOLS 24/7.


Savannah Schnall

When I was looking for a place to volunteer after I graduated university, I wanted to teach somewhere where I could really make an impact and somewhere different than I had ever been before. When I heard about SOLS, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Instead of working in an office doing paperwork all day, I was constantly with the students, whether it was in the classroom or during their talent show/dance night.



Natasha Ketter-Price

“One of the best experiences in my life” is the thought that comes to mind when I think about my time at SOLS 24/7. Surrounded with wonderful people and a loving environment, it wasn’t long before I felt part of the SOLS family.


Sara & David

David and I decided to face a challenge to live together under different conditions from ours and share with other cultures. When we were about to leave our country and travel across the world to help those less fortunate, we had no idea that after six months living together in this place the less fortunate would be us and we say less fortunate because we saw values from a developed community Love, unity and respect are principles lacking in our community in Medellin, but in SOLS 24 / 7 you can easily find.


Tim Spijker

The experience from working as a volunteer in SOLS 24/7 is indescribable for me. To help young and poor students with their learning process is a really fulfilling job. This voluntary work was a great eye-opener. Of course I knew that there was a lot of poverty in the world, but to work within an environment like this was completely new for me. The students were super! So friendly, hospitable, and great fun to mix around with.