Reviews & Testimonials

“Not only have I developed my professional skills, but my personal skills as well.”

I felt trusted and felt like someone in this organization, not just an intern, handling “real” HR work and gaining so much knowledge through training and spontaneous conversations. I have to say it was not easy for me to deal with the fast-paced working environment in the beginning, but when I look back, I am so happy and truly grateful for everything, and having a great team in the Human Resources department helped a lot. There were laughter, disagreements, celebrations, nice lunch gatherings, many ups and downs for sure, they all contributed to the amazing experience I had in SOLS 24/7.

– Yvette Cornelissen, The Netherlands

“Working with SOLS 24/7 has been an incredible experience, one which allowed me to grow and develop immensely in a small timeframe.”

The culturally diverse dynamic of the office is delicious, and I deeply appreciate all that was done for me there. The ability to expand and grow with your work here is incredibly pronounced. If you show initiative, aptitude, and effort, then you will be allowed to develop yourself and gradually develop new skills which you might not have previously even realized you were capable of. SOLS  24/7 is a wonderful experience for anyone and everyone whose minds are open and motivated. I would highly recommend this workplace for anyone interested in engaging with social issues via an effective corporate model.

– Jack Seaberry, Canada

“I could really feel the impact of my work and my contribution to the departments.”

Looking back it was a very nice, challenging and enriching experience within SOLS 24/7. During my 3 months in the company, I could really feel the impact of my work and my contribution to the departments. I met a lot of very interesting people, whom I will miss back in Europe. The collaboration with my team, the management and other departments gave me much pleasure and was rewarding.

– Simon Durig, Switzerland

“During this half-year I both managed to improve professionally and personally. I am sure I made the right decision when I joined SOLS 24/7!”

My colleagues were very friendly, brought me along to a Malay wedding, movie nights or just to grab dinner after work, showing me as much as they could of the culture. We worked and lived together and they helped me to spend 6 months here without ever feeling homesick. I believe I made many friends during my stay at SOLS 24/7 and I do hope I will have the chance to see them again.

– Rajmund Keresztes, Hungary

“My experience here has been life-changing. I have learnt a lot here, not just about psychology, but also about myself.”

Before I came here, I was not sure what clinical psychology was about although this is something that I have been very interested in. I decided to join SOLS Health in Malaysia. After one year of exploring, researching under direction from my supervisor and speaking directly to many practising psychologists that work with SOLS Health, now I am very clear what psychotherapy approach I am going to specialise in the future. This is a big milestone for me in my life. Now I am very clear about my passion and my career.

– Perry Chan, Hong Kong

“There is the space you need to improve yourself and also to improve the Organisation itself.”

Looking back on awesome five months I can say, that I don’t regret my decision at all. It was my first time working for an NGO. The people and the environment in SOLS 24/7 allowed me to develop my personal and also my professional skills. The trust from the very beginning was awesome. People in SOLS 24/7 following the same passion that makes it different from every company I worked with before. Being surrounded by people chasing the same goal and dream is inspiring and motivates you every day to do your best.

– Mathias Gockeln

“Everyone who is thinking to apply to SOLS 24/7, I can advice that only YOU create your life, and if you want to fill it with unforgettable memories, adventurous, new friends, great work experience in a foreign country and to help other people to reach their life goals, it’s the best place to do it.”

I have learned many things and got skills which I will never learn or get in any school or university. I faced many challenges which are connected with cultural differences, self-improvement and many more. These experiences gave me a lot, pushed me to reach what sometimes look impossible, helped to see the happiness in more situations and to understand how sometimes is important to get a helping hand when you need it.

– Evelina Gasiūnaitė, Lithuania

“Thank you SOLS 24/7 Malaysia for letting me be a part of this incredible journey.”

For one year I got to know the heart and soul of the community I was based in. I ran my community center and had the freedom to be as creative as I could. Now tell me, how many times in your life did you have an opportunity to do that? If you ask me how I feel now, I could put it in one word: rich, my entire experience has been enriching. Culturally, emotionally, professionally. In any way, really. You have 3 completely different cultures to explore, many traditions to learn about, much food to try… Not to mention that the nature in Malaysia is absolutely beautiful – from mountains to islands. What more could you ask for?

– Gordana Novakovic, Serbia

“I must say my five months internship with SOLS 24/7 has been unforgettable.”

An internship in SOLS Malaysia is unlike any other internship as it teaches you more than just a series of hard skills. You not only work together; you also eat, sleep and travel together with your co-workers. Although it could be challenging from time-to-time it was a great way to meet new people with different backgrounds. It exposed me to many different cultures and views on life and helped me to gain more knowledge about the customs.

– Ruben Van Offeren, The Netherlands

“I didn’t expect to have learnt as much as I have in the past 3.5 months!”

The trust in me that my manager showed really stimulated me to become independent in my work ethic. If I look back over the past 3.5 months, I think that the overarching learning point of all the things I experienced interning at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia is that I learnt to think for myself. Being able to do something yourself (I’m not going to lie, of course with a little help!) and being recognised for it feels really great. Having lived in an international environment before, the multicultural dynamic felt like home to me. So if you’re a third-culture kid and are looking for a place to intern, I suggest you apply for SOLS 24/7!

– Carmen Kromhout, The Netherlands

“An internship of six months with SOLS 24/7 that went beyond all expectations.”

It’s amazing how much I’ve learned the past six months and all thanks to my amazing team. With a director whose vision I support fully, a manager who gave me her full trust in taking responsibility for big tasks and not to mention awesome team members whom I’ve been working so closely with, obviously it couldn’t go wrong. Although I was nervous at first, I immediately felt like a part of the SOLS 24/7 family. I could not have asked for more of an internship.

– Sila Serin, Denmark

“This experience has turned out to be the best working and life experience that I have ever had so far.”

Very thankful for an awesome team with a professional and inspiring manager who always trusted and pushed me to do better. The team is really dynamic, innovative and young.  SOLS 24/7 gives you the chance to be involved in and put your personal touch on big projects, you get to see your impact on the organizations and on the students who come to learn- it’s amazing.

– Maroua Naili, France

“I only need one word to describe my time in SOLS 24/7: Awesome!”

The team is amazing, everybody is so motivated and the interaction between all these people from different parts of the world is such a cool experience. I loved living in the HQ and having so many people around me all the time. Besides all of that, I really fell in love with Malaysia. There is so much diversity in culture and a lot of delicious food. It is such a beautiful country with so much to see; big cities, beautiful islands and jungles. Such a contrast to my home country. I’m back in The Netherlands now for three weeks, and I really miss my SOLS 24/7 colleagues and Malaysia. But it is cool that I can truly say that I have friends all over the world.

– Esther Spijker, The Netherlands

“SOLS  24/7 showed me that I’m on the right path and that NGO work is what I want to do.”

I started my internship in April 2013 and I have to admit that never ever have I worked with such a large number of genuinely good people. I know this sounds like an exaggeration but it’s simply not. I realized during my time with SOLS Malaysia that working in a team of people who share the same passion as me, who push me to grow, and who inspire me every day to make an impact gives me the confidence to continue with what I’m doing.. I would recommend an internship or volunteering with SOLS 24/7 to everyone who wants to gain first experiences in the non-profit sector, who is passionate about community service, and who wants to work in a team of great and inspiring people.

– Annegret W, Germany

“SOLS 24/7 to me is like a gateway to positivity.”

Though SOLS 24/7 is very diverse, everyone seems to be very friendly, united and full of positivity. In short, three months will never be enough to become as wonderful as everyone at SOLS 24/7 but I am very honoured to say that they have helped me to become a better person. Through SOLS 24/7, I believe that I have become more confident in every single step I take. From now on, I will take SOLS 24/7 ‘s positivity and bring it everywhere I go.

– Nadhirah Fazil, Malaysia

“I can safely say that coming to SOLS 24/7 and immersing myself in an Orang Asli community and such an innovative organisation was the best thing I have been given the chance to do.”

Forming new friendships with people from all corners of the world whom I would have otherwise never had the chance to meet if I hadn’t come here has been so wonderful, and I would definitely recommend SOLS 24/7 to everyone because of it’s a total dedication to a cause that can benefit everyone involved. Malaysia has been an exciting place to explore, with no two places the same. Each community however as friendly as the next, and being a foreigner I did enjoy the attention and generosity given to me.

– Felicity Taylor, United Kingdom

“Joining SOLS 24/7 has turned out to be the best opportunity I’ve been handed in my life to date.”

Living in Kuala Lumpur has been my first chance to live and work abroad, and though at first daunting, it’s an adventure that has had a real impact on me. SOLS 24/7 is making a huge difference here in Malaysia, so if you want to be part of an organisation where your efforts will make a direct impact on those who need it, as well as develop yourself professionally with a great internship abroad, then look no further than joining SOLS 24/7.

– Alex Shafee. United Kingdom

“My time at SOLS 24/7 was short but very sweet.”

Through this organisation I have gained not only work experience, but also valuable life experience. I now recognise the importance of marketing for an NGO, and how communications are vital in promoting such a worthwhile cause as SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and the work that they are doing. I have had an incredible summer working for SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and the memories that I have created will last a lifetime. I was able to experience Malaysia on a level that far exceeds what I would have been able to do as a tourist, I got a thorough insight into the culture of Malaysia, the city of Kuala Lumpur and the community of SOLS 24/7.

– Louise Smith, United Kingdom

“Working with SOLS 24/7 has really been an eye-opening experience!”

I guess firstly, what really made this year truly unforgettable are the relationships I made with people in my community and in the organization. Students would take me into their homes and make sure that I have sampled every Chinese, Malay, and Indian dish available. Their hospitality and generosity is something that has left such an impact on my life (and my waistline!). I can’t even explain how much SOLS 24/7 is learning and adapting to the different challenges we face. They provided support in areas that we felt insecure in and took into account certain things that we felt needed to change. It shows that they listen to their employees and volunteers and value our opinions and input. 

– Jenny Kim, The United States of America

“I want to thank SOLS 24/7 for a life-changing experience and one that I will never forget.”

To be a part of helping develop new and current projects to help poor students across Malaysia has been a privilege. Providing education in the form of English and communication skills will benefit and open so many doors for these young people. It is very fulfilling to think I was a little piece of the puzzle to help achieve the huge aim and plan of SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. I am extremely thankful that I was given an opportunity to be part of this wonderful and vibrant team – they create and build incredible projects for the underprivileged young people of Malaysia. I truly believe that SOLS make a difference and are on a very fast-growing path. I look forward to hearing about their progress and the growth of new projects on the horizon. I have met some incredible new people who I hope will stay friends with for life. I want to wish them all the best for their future plans and I am very sure they will all be very successful in whatever they do.

– Tabitha Romer, United Kingdom

“It was the most memorable journey in my life, thank you very much SOLS 24/7.”

When I was studying at the University I was plagued by thoughts to go somewhere and make the difference. AIESEC suggested to go to SOLS 24/7 and I decided to take this opportunity. I really think that I’m very lucky I did not change my mind. SOLS 24/7 feels like a big good family. It was the most memorable journey in my life. And I am sure I will never forget those lovely days I spent in SOLS 24/7. Those people really want to improve the life of every human being and by the way, they helped me a lot.

– Katerine Radnaeva, Russia

“SOLS 24/7 is an amazing organization, which gives volunteers the unique possibility to experience the real Malaysian culture and to help their society.”

The people who work at SOLS 24/7 are all very passionate and about their jobs. All the teachers are also fully committed and respected by their students who are all eager to learn from them. During my stay, I met many students and I helped the organization by writing a new teaching program. Being back in Holland I realize how fortunate I was that I had this great opportunity to go abroad and experience Malaysia with all its cultures and traditions. SOLS 24/7 made this happen and I am thankful for that. If you ever have the chance to go abroad please go for it, because of its an experience of a lifetime! Love and unity!

– Berry Busker, The Netherlands

“I will never forget my six months at SOLS 24/7!”

When I heard about SOLS, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Instead of working in an office doing paperwork all day, I was constantly with the students, whether it was in the classroom or during their talent show/dance night. Through the SOLS program, I taught the students not only English but I also motivated them to set their goals higher. The students are similar in age to myself and I spent so much time with them that I got closer than I imagined I could have. I hope they learned from me as much as I learned from them! They taught me a lot about Malaysian culture and helped me become more confident as well.

– Savannah Schnall, The United States of America


“One of the best experiences in my life is the thought that comes to mind when I think about my time at SOLS 24/7.”

Surrounded by wonderful people and a loving environment, it wasn’t long before I felt part of the SOLS 24/7 family. As a mass communications intern at the headquarters in KL, Malaysia, I was given a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of this organization and see firsthand the real impact that it had on so many people in need. Three months went by too quickly and I think about the day I will make my way back…….soon enough! Going back to my normal life in Canada was a bitter-sweet feeling full of unforgettable memories that will stay with me forever. I also felt really sad that I would no longer see the familiar faces every day that I had grown so accustomed to. Thank you SOLS for a life-changing experience! I am so proud to have been part of the SOLS 24/7 family!

– Natasha Ketter-Price, Canada

“We were part of this SOLS 24/7, and our minds and souls still are.”

David and I decided to face a challenge to live together under different conditions from ours and share with other cultures. When we were about to leave our country and travel across the world to help those less fortunate, we had no idea that after six months living together in this place the less fortunate would be us and we say less fortunate because we saw values from a developed community Love, unity and respect are principles lacking in our community in Medellin, but in SOLS 24/7 you can easily find. SOLS 24/7 offers a complete system of education to every human being who is willing to form their integrity, giving back to society and committing with others. It is important what is taught there, and we are a witness to the positive reactions it has caused thousands of people.

– Sara & David, Colombia

“I feel blessed that I learned so many things and got so many fantastic experiences with SOLS 24/7.”

The experience from working as a volunteer in SOLS 24/7 is indescribable for me. To help young and poor students with their learning process is a really fulfilling job. This voluntary work was a great eye-opener. Of course, I knew that there was a lot of poverty in the world, but to work within an environment like this was completely new for me. The students were super! So friendly, hospitable, and great fun to mix around with. It is amazing to realize that there are so many wonderful people in this world. After I finished my voluntary work, I really felt I was leaving my new brothers and sisters behind. It was a great honour for me to work for this great organization. SOLS 24/7, go on with your wonderful work and hopefully we will meet each other again in the future.

– Tim Spijker, The Netherlands