Tim Spijker – Testimonial

The experience from working as a volunteer in SOLS 24/7 is indescribable for me. To help young and poor students with their learning process is a really fulfilling job. This voluntary work was a great eye-opener. Of course I knew that there was a lot of poverty in the world, but to work within an environment like this was completely new for me. The students were super! So friendly, hospitable, and great fun to mix around with. It is amazing to realize that there are so many wonderful people in this world.

The team members in SOLS 24/7 really create a family environment within the school where volunteers and students feel like home. Besides the experience as a teacher, there are so many more wonderful experiences you will get as a volunteer in SOLS 24/7. A tourist only sees the tourist attractions of a country but will never experience how the country truly is. As a volunteer at SOLS 24/7, you will have the opportunity to really get in contact with a new culture, to visit the students houses, to meet their family, to learn traditional dances, to learn about their religions, to visit temples with the students, to celebrate cultural festivals, and so much more. After I finished my voluntary work, I really felt I was leaving my new brothers and sisters behind. It was a great honor for me to work for this great organization. I feel blessed that I learned so many things and got so many fantastic experiences. SOLS 24/7, go on with your wonderful work and hopefully we will meet each other again in the future.

Nationality: Dutch
Period: 11 September 2009 to 7 December 2009
Volunteer: Melaka, Malaysia