Volunteer Network Manager

Job Overview

At SOLS 24/7, our mission is to serve, educate and empower the bottom 40% with free education, personal development & employment support. Our volunteer network is a crucial component of this journey.

Your role in our team will be to work closely with our MarComms Director to manage, support and grow our volunteer network so we can keep reaching out to those that need free education the most.

What do I get?

Job Advancement

An opportunity for growth - personally and professionally.

Create Real Impact

Know that the work you do changes lives every single day.

Work in the New Normal

Use technology to increase work productivity and effectiveness.

What do I need?

  • Experienced in building volunteer network and scaled volunteer networks
  • Proven 3-5 years experience in volunteer network management
  • Good knowledge of current trends, resources and information related to volunteer management
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage a diverse range of local & international volunteers
  • Proven experience of initiating and managing volunteer projects
  • Capacity to inspire, influence and motivate others
  • Ability to navigate through confidential and sensitive information
  • Data reporting
  • Must be very fluent in Bahasa Malaysia & English
  • Must be based in Malaysia
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Administrative and IT skills
  • A multi-tasker with great organisation skills
  • Understanding of SOLS 24/7 values, principles and objectives and demonstrated ability to put them into practice in the workplace;
  • Proven ability in the areas of organization skills, conflict resolution, advocacy and group facilitation;
  • Ability to work independently, as well as part of a multidisciplinary team;

What will I do?

  • Manage the development, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of a volunteer programme
  • Organize service & administrative work for volunteers.
  • Assess the requirement of the volunteers for service delivery.
  • Implement goals and objectives for volunteer program
  • Embed good practice in volunteer coordination, training, motivation, recruitment, and safeguarding
  • Develop, coordinate and deliver appropriate training for volunteers to be successful in their delivery
  • Provide sufficient support to help volunteers achieve their goals
  • Act as a central point of contact for volunteers and volunteering enquiries.
  • Ensure that volunteer roles, guidelines, procedures, record keeping and evaluation systems are followed and maintained.
  • Ensure that volunteers receive the appropriate level of supervision.
  • Provide data and written reports for internal and external reporting as required.

What is working in SOLS 24/7 like?


Interested in the position? 

SOLS 24/7 Foundation

Being a part of our foundation means that you will share our vision that people from all communities – regardless of race, religion or gender, will equally have education and social empowerment services accessible. We have a vision that will ensure developed societies with equal opportunities for all. We are an impact-driven humanitarian organisation that values transparency in our collaboration with partners which ensures that our devotion to serving the underserved communities helps break the cycle of poverty. We always aim for long-term sustainable solutions to be implemented which requires that we as an organisation are adequate in our services to the community.
We work hard every day for the sake of giving back to the community. We operate through a diverse range of high-impact programmes designed to increase the opportunities and quality of life for beneficiaries from many different underserved communities. We conduct our programmes through our foundation’s 4 main sectors: education, technology, mental health and renewable energy.


If you have any questions regarding the position, contact us.