Borneo Green Academy (YDC)

YDC Methodology
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What is a YDC

A Youth Development Center (YDC) is a highly effective SOLS 24/7 education program designed to equip young people with important foundation skills. There are currently two YDCs in Malaysia: Segambut (now rebranded as Solar Academy), Kuala Lumpur and Penampang, Sabah.

For information on how to apply as a student or to conduct workshops, contact Principal Jothi (KL YDC) at 019-6898 247, email or Principal Saya (Borneo YDC) at 018-247 2470, email

YDC Methodology

With students from various levels of socio-economic backgrounds and education levels, the YDC focuses on individual achievement as opposed to study-by-memorization or on examination only. This allows each student to gain belief in their potential as well as set targets that can be achieved at a steady pace.




YDC students complete one level of training before progressing to the next. The first stage takes place at provincial community centers, with successful students progressing to the second stage at a YDC. Each stage is crafted to ensure a holistic balance of soft-skills, hard-skills and lessons in social empowerment. At our YDC, students go through various stages of advancement:


The International Exchange Program is only offered to students who have demonstrated dedication and commitment to improving themselves both academically as well as in leadership and character development. The selected students have the opportunity to work with an international team in one of SOLS 24/7 countries for 12-18 months.

Success Stories

Roha a/p Bah Seiuloh, 19, Ampangan Woh

“The first time I came to SOLS, I couldn’t speak English very well. I am from a small Orang Asli village called Ampangan Woh and I studied in the SOLS-BMF Project 100 community center.  I understood some basics, but now I can speak English much better because there is a lot of speaking practice at SOLS 24/7 KL YDC.  I also like to study Science of Life because it made me realize that education is the most important thing for my life.  At the moment I am also learning how to be a leader and to help to teach part-time students. On Saturdays I work part-time at a hotel restaurant in KL to earn some spending money.”

Armizainizam a/l Bahari, 19, Perak

“I came to SOLS 24/7 YDC because I realized what will happen if I just stay in my village with no education or dreams. I have had so many new experiences at SOLS 24/7 KL YDC because we live with many different races and nationalities and can learn about life from each other.  The SOLS English system is very easy to understand, and we get training, and even I can teach and I am currently a main class Trainee Teacher managing my own class of full-time students.”

Jeperin Rasdu, 27, Sabah

“I have been at SOLS 24/7 for 2 years and 7 months.  The first time when I came to SOLS 24/7 KL YDC, I couldn’t speak English, was frightened to touch computers and was so shy I couldn’t mix around with people.  But step-by-step with guidance from loving and caring teachers, I have developed myself and now I can mix around with everybody in English. SOLS 24/7 YDC in KL helped me to study Level 2 and 3 of the JPK (Malaysian Department of Skills Development) Computer Technician program. I really like I.T. (information technology) and today I have become a government certified I.T. trainer teaching I.T. and vocational skills (in English) to the next generation. In the future I hope to set up my own training center for English and technology in my village back in Sabah.”

No. 10 & 12-1, Jalan 8/38a, Taman Sri Sinar, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening hours are 09:00 - 18:00 (UTC+08:00), Monday to Friday.
SOLS 24/7 YDC observes all national and state holidays.