Yvette Cornelissen – Testimonial

My time at SOLS… I close my eyes and the past 5,5 months flashes before me, what an experience it has been… One of the best adventures, I have to say. Not only have I developed my professional skills, but my personal skills as well. From arriving at KLIA and feeling like a lost child, to being confident to travel alone. From not having many friends, to having friends for life. From the Dutch culture, to feel welcomed in a multicultural country. From leaving home, to creating a second home. From a private room, to enjoying a dorm with 15 other girls.

It was amazing to have a manager who gave me the space to fall, get back on my feet, and grow as a professional. I felt trusted (one thing I really appreciate) and felt like someone in this organization, not just an intern, handling “real” HR work and gaining so much knowledge through training and spontaneous conversations. From not liking making phone calls to doing it on a daily basis. From taking way too long to write an email to doing it with my eyes closed. I did not do everything perfectly, I wish I had, but that’s okay as it made me learn from my mistakes. The work environment was dynamic for sure, and sometimes it was hard to adapt, but step by step I learned how to handle it better.

I have to say it was not easy for me to deal with the fast-paced working environment in the beginning, but when I look back, I am so happy and truly grateful for everything, and having a great team in the Human Resources department helped a lot. There were laughter, disagreements, celebrations, nice lunch gatherings, many ups and downs for sure, they all contributed to the amazing experience I had in SOLS 24/7.

Nationality: Dutch
University: Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Placement: August 2018 – January 2019
Department: Human Resources