“EDUCATION and SOCIAL SERVICES without prejudice, beyond borders, to underserved communities throughout Southeast Asia”


Laos: 5 centres, Impact: 1,700
India: 1 centre, Impact: 100

Headed by the organization's Chief Founder, SOLS 24/7 International Headquarters encompasses the main Research and Development department and looks into aspects of running an NGO and social enterprise on an extensive scale. Since 2000, the International Headquarters has given out more than 100,000 full and part-time scholarships to deserving students in the SOLS 24/7 education programs. All countries report to the International Headquarters.

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60 centres, 3 business enterprises
Impact: More than 100,000

Also known locally as Grassroots Development Institute (GDI), SOLS 24/7 Cambodia is one of the largest non-formal education providers in the country. SOLS Cambodia represents the beginning of the NGO's revolutionary education system and mission to provide service to humanity. The team also founded busineses enterprises to remain sustainable and provide students with the experience of running a business.

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39 centres
Impact: 50,000

The largest non-formal education provider in the country, Timor Leste provides a high quality education system and works with the government on capacity building and community development. More than 100 outstanding Timorese participants have entered the International Exchange Program to further their education. The Dili Main Training Centre is home to the largest e-learning computer centre in the country.

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33 centres, 4 social projects
Impact: 6,000

Committed to serve, educate and empower, SOLS 24/7 Malaysia provides FREE education to rural and urban communities throughout the country. Working with corporate partners and foundations, SOLS Malaysia passion is to bring about education systems, connecting networks, service and technology for the greater good of the country. Their biggest strength lies with the amazing individuals, volunteers and team who are dedicated to change the world.

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