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Meta Boost x SOLS Programme

Meta in partnership with SOLS 24/7 & SOLS edu is offering a free programme which provides online and in-person training for small local businesses.
Learn how to grow your business by establishing an online presence with Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.

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HRD Corp
Cambridge Assessment
Prince's Trust International
Google For Education
Griffin College
SOLS edu
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SOLS 24/7 Mission

Our mission is to serve, educate & empower the bottom 40% of the population with FREE education, personal development & employment support.

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B40 Characterization Map

There are various factors contributing to the vulnerability of a B40 household. Through extensive research, we have broken down the complex dimensions of vulnerability that make the B40 population more exposed to risks and susceptible to threats of shock and stress. If you are an NGO, business, social entrepreneur or individual interested in social change, click on our interactive map to learn how you can engage in meaningful impact.