About Us


SOLS 24/7 envisions that people from all communities – regardless of race, religion or gender – will have access to education and social empowerment services, resulting in developed societies with equal opportunities for all.


Our mission is to serve, educate & empower the bottom 40% of the population with FREE education, personal development & employment support.

Who We Are

SOLS 24/7 is a leading in-person and online education provider for the poor.

Starting out as experts in teaching English to those with zero or very basic English proficiency, we have since branched out to encompass Employable English skills for school, university, business purposes as well as becoming a job preparation and digital education provider.

Through various education, social empowerment programmes, an online education platform: Progressive Web app and android app targeted for the bottom 40 population, SOLS 24/7 works unconditionally towards transforming underserved communities to become aware of their true potential, break the cycle of poverty and move towards middle-class society.

SOLS 24/7 provides free education, vocational and social empowerment programmes to communities with a strong focus in Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • Over 550,000 students in 7 countries over the last 21 years.
  • Over 100 full-time team members from more than 20 countries.

In addition to providing services to those in need, our track record includes providing English training, Digital Skills, NGO transformation & crowdfunding programmes to government ministries, agencies, private and public corporations, as well as universities and schools.

Over the years SOLS has implemented nationwide programs and pioneered solutions in Education, Renewable Energy, Technology for NGOs and Community Mental Health.

SOLS 24/7 is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, registered in Malaysia with registration number 811025T.


SOLS 24/7 supports the Sustainable Development Goals

SOLS 247 Team

Our History

Founded in 2000 in Cambodia by Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh, his father and brother, SOLS 24/7 quickly grew into one of the largest non-formal education providers in the country at that time.

This is the beginning of the non-governmental organization’s revolutionary education system and mission to provide service to humanity. Following the success in Cambodia, Teacher Raj travelled to Timor Leste in 2005 to set up SOLS 24/7 Timor Leste in a period of heightened civil unrest. His team was forced to evacuate the country but returned in 2006 to open the first main training centre in Dili.

After the success in Timor Leste, SOLS 24/7 Foundation was set up by Teacher Raj and began operations in his hometown of Malacca in 2007, before moving its first SOLS Solar Academy (previously: Youth Development Centre) and Headquarters to Kuala Lumpur in 2011. In 2014, Teacher Raj was the only remaining founder in SOLS 24/7.

Together with his team, they have conducted extensive research to create programmes that would benefit B40 and B20 communities. Coupled with learnings from the pandemic, they have sought to transform and adapt to the complexities and challenges faced by learners in the new norm.

The vision is to bring SOLS 24/7 programs and services to countries throughout the world. Running parallel to the Foundation is SOLS Social Enterprises, set up in 2010. SOLS Social Enterprises focuses on three sectors, Education, Technology and Renewable Energy, all of which play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life of people transcending race, gender, culture and age.

Our Values

SOLS 24/7 is completely committed to being:

Impact Driven

We focus on results. We actively measure the impact of our education with valuable data.


Most of the problems we tackle require collaboration, and there is no collaboration without trust. We are devoted to building trust with our partners through clean and transparent accounting.


Education enriches the future. Our platform is designed for the long-term growth of Malaysia’s B40 to create and lead empowered lives.

Our 3 Programmes

Everyone has different needs and goals, however we all want to achieve happiness and intelligence in as many areas as possible. Our Programmes provide you with the support you need to achieve your full potential.

There are more than 18 different skill blocks such as Communication, Digital Skills, Soft Skills, Job Preparation as well as 60 modules (and counting!) in all three of Our programmes. Select and compare the programme that will give you the greatest benefit: Get started on your education journey today.

Skills Hub

Designed for people who are looking to customise their own programme and study at their own pace. Skills Hub allows you to select specific skills to learn with various options to choose from.

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TVET Academy

Offered to pre, current and post TVET students all over Malaysia. A structured programme that will guide you to thrive in studies, succeed in employment and progress in your career. Includes exclusive modules such as ‘Choosing the Right College’ and ‘Winning a TVET placement’ as well as support for transitioning into work after your on-the-job training.

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Solar Academy

Our most intensive programme, offering a progression of modules focusing on skills growth and non-academic assistance that leads to employment. Includes exclusive modules such as the Solar PV and Maintenance and Securing Employment course.

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