About Us

What is SOLS 24/7?

SOLS 24/7 is an award-winning humanitarian organization, committed to serve, educate and empower poor and underserved communities. Through various education and social empowerment programs, we work unconditionally towards transforming underserved communities to develop their true potential and break the cycle of poverty. Using revolutionary and custom-designed models – Science of Languages, Science of Technology and Science of Life – our organization provides free education and social empowerment programs to underserved communities in Malaysia.

  • Trained over 400,000 students.
  • Established over 100 training centres.
  • Over 200 full-time team members from more than 50 countries have joined us.

SOLS 24/7 Foundation is a tax-exempted, not-for-profit organization, registered in Malaysia.

SOLS 24/7 Social Enterprises is registered as an Impact Driven Enterprise by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC).

Why SOLS 24/7?


It isn’t written anywhere that an organisation has to dedicate itself to a single cause. Indeed, as soon as a solution reveals itself, we will attempt to implement it. Why be content with solving only one problem if we have the means to solve more? This is the reason for our diverse array of programmes, from computer refurbishment to mental health therapy.

However, if there is one fundamental belief that SOLS 24/7 stands by, it is the belief in the power of human potential. Every individual has possibilities to be realized. We encourage those possibilities with the currency of opportunity.

SOLS 24/7 is a platform that channels everyone that passes through it to achieve their potential, whatever stakeholder they might be, wherever they come from, and whatever their goals.

To the communities we serve, we provide the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and take control of their lives through education. To our team members, we provide the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. To our partners and donors, we provide the opportunity to exercise their conscience.

We currently run diverse programmes across Malaysia:

1. Community Centres

A free education programme specializing in English, IT and Character Development, delivered at the grassroots level to marginalized and disadvantaged communities, resulting in high-impact, long-lasting social change.



2. Borneo Green Academy

An innovative training and boarding programme delivered for free to indigenous youth in Sabah, aiming to improve education, enhance skills and increase employability. The vision is to construct Malaysia’s first bamboo campus and offer up to 1,000 boarding placements.



3. SOLS Academy of Innovation (SOLS ai)

A highly structured training and boarding programme delivered for free to school dropouts and indigenous youth, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and exposure to acquire jobs in the education, IT and renewable energy sectors.


4. NGOhub

A government-endorsed online support and collaboration platform assisting the nonprofit sector in Malaysia. Through the power of volunteering, networking, grant opportunities, events and collaboration, NGOHub aims to empower the nonprofit sector to battle Malaysia’s social issues and challenges.


5. Community Library

A library-building initiative that fights to bring the love of reading to underprivileged communities nationwide. Community Library has set up 42 libraries so far, bringing the power of books to orphanages, NGOs and Orang Asli communities since 2014.


6. SOLS Health

A pioneer community mental health service, providing mental health therapy, nutritional, dietary and career counseling, workshops, shadow aides and training at subsidized rates to underprivileged communities, ensuring all have access to adequate mental health assistance.


7. SOLS Tech

A technology refurbishing initiative that aims to solve two problems: eliminating e-waste and promoting digital literacy. SOLS Tech is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, with a mission to recycle technology, donate them to underprivileged communities, enable NGOs to harness the power of technology and alleviate poverty.


8. SOLS Energy

A passionate advocate against climate change, SOLS Energy is a solar energy specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties.



9. SOLS Smart

A passionate advocate for digital education and literacy, SOLS Smart provides the tools and systems for teachers and students to integrate into 21st Century technology. As one of seven Google Education Partners in Asia and an official Cambridge English Language Assessment Centre, SOLS Smart is two of our strengths put together: education and technology.


10. SOLS Scholar Development Programme

A scholarship development programme that works with partners to nurture and develop underprivileged high school leavers to obtain their tertiary education and become employable upon graduation. Our enrichment framework covers development in academic skills, soft skills, social awareness, a safe and positive living space and meals daily.


11. SOLS Edu

SOLS Edu is a structured online learning system that takes the form of an in-house online application. It is our attempt to bring digital education to underserved communities in Malaysia by combining both our strengths: education and technology. It is designed to harness all the benefits of digital education and deliberate practice, with the ultimate aim to teach English to anyone, anytime and anywhere, making English accessible for all.


12. Bahasa Inggeris 1Malaysia (BI1M)

An education programme delivered in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance across Malaysia to enhance the level of English proficiency among working adults and students with the aim to improve employability and relatability with the world.


13. Actyvate

Actyvate is a nationwide crowdfunding movement to engage, inspire and motivate youth to create national transformation, through creativity and innovation. Whether you want to create your own project or help bring someone else’s idea to life by making a pledge, we can help you with that.



SOLS 24/7 Foundation envisions that people from all communities – regardless of race, religion or gender – will have access to education and social empowerment services, resulting in developed societies with equal opportunities for all


To continue developing poor and underserved communities through the implementation of holistic education and social empowerment programs.

Our Values


Underserved communities don’t only deserve help, they deserve the best kind of help. But the best cannot be achieved without sustainability and effectiveness. We are completely committed to be:


Impact Driven

We focus on results. We actively measure the impact of our programmes and use the data to evaluate and improve our services to underprivileged communities.




We are aware of the importance of transparency. Most of the problems we tackle require collaboration, and there is no collaboration without trust. We are devoted to building trust with our partners through clean and transparent accounting.



We understand that there is no relevant solution if it’s not implemented in the long term. To implement long term solutions, an organisation has to be sustainable. We sustain ourselves through the support of our founder, our partners and a diverse array of social enterprise initiatives.


Our Education Pillars

SOLS 24/7 commits to three educational pillars to deliver holistic and sustainable educational solutions for underserved communities.


Science of Language

We have developed an innovative method of teaching English in the same way a child learns a native language from parents and community.


Science of Technology

Digital literacy is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty. Our digital programmes focus on hands-on, real-world application designed to eliminate digital illiteracy in underserved communities.


Science of Life

We prepare our students to fully develop their true potential through our holistic leadership development and character building programmes, to nurture strong positive values and enable students to achieve a better future.


Founded in 2000 by Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh, his father and his brother, SOLS 24/7 began in Cambodia and quickly grew into one of the largest non-formal education providers in the country at that time.

This is the beginning of the non-governmental organization’s revolutionary education system and mission to provide service to humanity. Following the success in Cambodia, Teacher Raj traveled to Timor Leste in 2005 to set up SOLS 24/7 Timor Leste in a period of heightened civil unrest. His team was forced to evacuate the country, but returned in 2006 to open the first main training center in Dili.

After the success in Timor Leste, SOLS 24/7 Foundation was set up by Teacher Raj and began operations in his hometown of Malacca in 2007, before moving its first SOLS Academy of Innovation (previously: Youth Development Centre) and Headquarters to Kuala Lumpur in 2012.

In 2014, Teacher Raj was the only remaining founder in SOLS 24/7. . The vision is to bring SOLS 24/7 programs and services to countries throughout the world.

Our Team

The SOLS 24/7 team has developed and implemented high impact, scalable and cost effective programmes to increase the quality of life of underserved communities. We exercise these programmes through many diverse sectors: education, technology, mental health, renewable energy and social empowerment.

Over 400,000 individuals have benefitted from SOLS 24/7’s innovative programmes and projects. It has grown into one of the leading humanitarian organizations in Malaysia and ASEAN.

SOLS 24/7 is a Cambridge English Language Assessment Authorized Centre and one of seven Google for Education partners in Asia. Our team works on nation building with government ministries, corporations, philanthropists and foundations.

Leading the team of passionate changemakers is educational revolutionist and social entrepreneur Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh. With more than 20 years in the social service sector, he began his career at 14-years old, co-founding an NGO in Cambodia to provide free education and personal development to Cambodian youth. When he became the youngest Microsoft Computer Systems Engineer in ASEAN, Teacher Raj once again faced the choice of continuing his budding career in Malaysia or sacrificing financial success for the life of a social worker in ASEAN. At the tender age of 17, he made his choice.

Today, Teacher Raj is a multi-award winning humanitarian. Through SOLS 24/7, he has designed and implemented education and community development programs for entire communities. His life’s mission is to create a platform for all those who want to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. This platform is SOLS 24/7. He has the unshakable belief that serving and educating others can be made into a way of life that anyone can and should assume. This belief manifests in his propensity to share knowledge and actively engage in his personality as a Teacher-Leader and mentor.

SOLS 24/7 represents his vision for this belief. It is a focusing lens, that collects the talent, hard work and raw passion of hundreds of individuals, refines them in the forge of his leadership, then directs this remarkable energy at underprivileged communities.

It has been 19 years since SOLS 24/7 was born. Together the SOLS Team and Teacher Raj continue to serve, educate and empower underserved communities and hope to inspire and engage passionate youth worldwide to join in the movement to serve the needy.