Abhiraamee Ayadurai

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Abhiraamee Ayadurai
Executive - Copywriter & Social Media

Abhiraamee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Nottingham Malaysia. With a passion for writing, Abhiraamee headed her university’s Literature & Drama Society in 2018 as the Head of Creative Writing. She organised her university’s first Spoken Word Poetry night with the collaboration of a renowned Malaysian Spoken Word poet. She was also the Senior Content Writer for IGNITE, Nottingham’s online magazine and a Content Writer for Nottingham’s Student Association where she covered the most coveted events in the university. Besides this, several creative works of Abhiraamee have been published in Particle Magazine UNMC as well.

Abhiraamee volunteered for 2 years at a local primary Tamil school in Semenyih in 2017 & 2018, to mentor upper primary students for their UPSR examinations. She planned and conducted activities in and outside of the classroom for the students to acquire English proficiency and leadership qualities. This experience was sufficient for Abhiraamee to witness the effects of education inequality among the underserved communities. She aspired to transform the underprivileged communities around her through her passion after graduating in 2019. In 2020, Abhiraamee joined SOLS 24/7 as a Copywriter intern. Currently, she is the Copywriter & Social Media Executive who strategises and oversees content development to establish an online presence among the B40 communities.

Abhiraamee believes that the pen, paper and words make up a powerful enough trio to change the world.