Our Team

Hakim Albasrawy

Director of Strategy

[email protected]

Hakim currently serves as an in house consultant for businesses in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Jakarta. Delivering strategic and partnership services for companies in the Travel, Education, Renewable energy and Emerging technology spaces.

Hailing from a background in advertising and communication he has managed to involve himself in several other related industries over the last decade. Branding, printing and production, technology development, training for youth, as well as social impact. His primary interests and skills revolve around product development matched with complementary business models and how technology can be used to usher impact.

In real life he is a little bit of a nerd that enjoys board games, sharing random facts, and learning about new industries. It is said that the best way to retain something you’ve learned is to apply it and teach it. With that in mind, Hakim often does training on the subject of product development, design thinking, and lean startup methodologies such as business model development.

Having run a large number of events during his career ranging from the first Hackathon in Malaysia to education workshops that span the whole of Malaysia Hakim how has taken a step back from organizing these events for commercial purposes and chooses to run 2 international community events: PechaKucha and Creative Mornings for the Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur chapters respectively.