Our Team

Siti Khadijah Korai

Executive - SOLS Scholars

[email protected]

Siti Khadijah Korai or known better in the office as Khaty is SOLS 24/7’s Scholar Development Program Executive who was born in Federal Territory of Labuan is someone who is never tired of going around and fixing people who keep saying Labuan, Sabah to change their sentence to Federal Territory of Labuan.

It is always been her dream since she was a kid to travel and leave her footprint all around the world and her passion towards travelling is the main trigger of the reason why is she applying to be part of the changeMakers program in April 2014. In the name of work she has been traveling outside KL to Kedah, Perlis, Perak, Melaka, Penang, Terengganu, and like a dream come true, she was given an opportunity to travel out of the country and flew all the way to Europe, Portugal for Erasmus+ program to share what is SOLS 24/7about with other NGOs from Europe.

When it comes to work, multitasking is her best friends. Other than siting behind her desk and cracking her head to think about her 53 scholars, she is in charge of doing Bahasa Melayu translation for SOLS Education department which include the content that you can find the book and the SOLS Edu app. Beside training her scholars in the evening, she is also coming in and out from the office and teach English for Secondary and Primary school in Kuala Lumpur area. She is Google for Education Certified Trainer since 2015 and as a main SOLS’s Google trainer, she trained over 1,000 of teachers around Malaysia every single years.

During her free time, she enjoy running with her ex-uni athletic club’s members, singing with her dorm mates, dancing with her Sabahan buddy, reading horror novels, eating chocolate, travelling with her family, watching Korean drama and playing Mobile Legends on her phone.