Naqiuddean Fadhil

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Naqiuddean Fadhil
Executive - Videographer

Naqiuddean Fadhil is a videographer from Kelana Jaya who has worked in the creative industry for almost 5 years. After graduating in Media and Mass Communications in Lendu, Melaka, Naqiuddean kicked off his career as a Production Assistant at a local in-house production company for nearly 3 years. Since he loved to seek out innovative ideas and enjoyed executing them creatively, Naqiuddean spent 2 years as a Freelance Photographer and Video Editor. In 2017, he continued to further his education at Loughborough University UK in Media Studies and Sociology.

Naqiuddean’s journey with SOLS 24/7 began in early 2019, as a Videographer intern. His role encompasses producing and editing creative videos, media contents for SOLS Foundation as well as SOLS enterprises. Apart from that, he is also involved as a Photographer for the organisation. Naqiuddean’s muse is to discover new ways to creatively execute videos, in a way that creates a meaningful impact for the community he serves through SOLS 24/7. His favourite quote is “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” Currently, he is the Videographer Executive for SOLS 24/7.

Naqiuddean is proud of the work he does and aspires to contribute to the society he lives in through his work.