Our Team

Tim Spijker

Managing Director - SOLS smart



Tim Spijker is a Dutch social entrepreneur driven to serve humanity through education and social empowerment solutions. With extensive work experience in the non-profit industry, his expertise lies in organisational strategy, project management and quality control for large education programmes. Tim has played a key role in the rapid growth of SOLS 24/7 in Malaysia over the past 6 years and he has served the organisation in various capacities, from volunteer to COO. Tim is starting the NGO’s first branch in Europe with the establishment of SOLS 24/7 Netherlands in 2017.

Tim’s professional career in the social sector started after his experience as volunteer teacher in Southeast Asia in 2009. He chose to continue his voluntary services in Malaysia and to pursue his career in the development sector over a marketing career in The Netherland. Throughout his years with SOLS 24/7, Tim learned the ropes of running a non-profit organisation and by closely working with SOLS 24/7 CEO-Founder, Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh, he obtained firsthand experience in all aspects related to non-profit management and leadership.

Being a firm believer in the power of education, Tim is determined to spend his life bringing quality education to those from low-income households and to uplift their socio-economic conditions. With opening SOLS 24/7 Netherlands, he aims to bring SOLS 24/7’s innovative education programmes and social services to his native country to expand the organisation’s outreach and address social challenges in Europe, while inspiring youth and professionals to join the movement of giving back to society.

Tim holds a Master Degree (MSc) in Marketing from VU University, Amsterdam and a Bachelor Degree (BEc) in Small Business & Retail Management from Inholland University, Amsterdam. With an academic background in business studies, he strives to synergise best business practices with the need for human-centred approaches in the non-profit industry and to develop sustainable solutions to address gaps in society.

Notable work experiences

  • More than 6 years work experience in non-profit management in Malaysia, including 3 years as Chief Operating Officer.
  • Member of the Management Board of SOLS 24/7 Foundation since 2014.
  • Initiator and CEO of SOLS 24/7 Netherlands (www.sols247.org/nl) since 2017. The organisation’s first branch in Europe aiming to offer education solutions and social services to under-served communities in Europe.
  • Head the performance management department and the set up and development of a performance monitoring system.
  • Played a leading role in most major report publications, proposals and presentation decks.
  • Key liaison for stakeholder management with various clients and donors.
  • Centre Exam Manager (CEM) for Cambridge English authorised centre MY498 (SOLS 24/7) during the first year of the partnership.
  • Represented the organisation at international conferences and meetings in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and The Philippines.
  • Worked at SOLS 24/7 Foundation in various capacities which gave him great insight and understanding of the complexity of running a large non-profit organisation. Started as a Volunteer Teacher; became the Personal Assistant to the Director; was the Deputy Director for Admin & Operations; got promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO), and now going to lead the organisation in Netherlands as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for SOLS 24/7 Netherlands.
  • Voluntary placements in Malaysia and Cambodia in 2009 and 2011 giving him an eye-opening experience and unique insight in the daily challenges of those from poor and rural communities.

Contact details

Email: tim@sols247.org
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/timspijker