SOLS 24/7 & MGTC: A Partnership That Was Made To Impact

SOLS 24/7 & MGTC: A Partnership That Was Made To Impact

In our calling to do better for our planet and the people residing within it, we have taken yet another big step: a groundbreaking partnership with the Malaysian Green Workforce Training Program (MGTC).

Envisioning to work in tandem, SOLS organization as well as MGTC hold an undeniable potential to make the world a better place for all.

Here is how we intend on embarking this humble, yet ambitious journey:

  • Empowering our Community
    Collaborating to target and eventually recruit top talent among the B40 and Orang Asli/Asal communities for our Solar Academy.

  • Scholarship Connections
    MGTC will embark on the pursuit to secure scholarship partners so that our committed clean energy champions need not worry about their finances to thrive in their mission.

  • Skill Development
    We also aim at refining our team’s green skills! MGTC will be providing us with educational resources to help our members enhance their skills, which also reaches the heights of energy efficiency audit expertise.

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