Announcement: SOLS 24/7 is starting a new chapter as SOLS Foundation!

Announcement: SOLS 24/7 is starting a new chapter as SOLS Foundation!

SOLS 24/7 was founded in 2000 by Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh alongside his father and brother in Cambodia. It quickly grew into one of the largest non-formal education providers in the country at that time. After finding success in Cambodia and Timor Leste in 2005, Teacher Raj moved back to his hometown of Malacca and set up SOLS 24/7 Foundation in 2007.

SOLS 24/7 turned 23 this year, and we have humbly taken the time to reflect on the impact and transformation we have created, the incredible people that we have worked with, as well as the ever-growing commitment that we have to serve, educate and empower the B40 community in Malaysia.

We have grown immensely, and through hardships, we have become stronger and better. With this gradual transformation, we believe it is time for our brand to embody this reflection and appreciation for where and who we are.

This is why, as of today, SOLS 24/7 Foundation is now SOLS Foundation!

SOLS Foundation Logo Change

Through careful study, we are re-learning what it means to be SOLS and what our brand and organisation truly represent. We plan on showcasing everything we have learnt, starting from our logo, which now visualizes how we at SOLS put our heart into everything we do. 💛

As always, we hope to bring the world with us on this mission to better the planet and help those who need it most. We are #madetoimpact and believe we will continue to do better. Thank you for your support and we hope to have you journey with us.

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