Which Charities Can I Donate to in Malaysia?

Which Charities Can I Donate to in Malaysia?

Undeniably, the COVID-19 pandemic has left a profound impact on society. Over the course of 2020, the pandemic and ensuing lockdown caused 114 million people to lose their jobs worldwide. Despite this, the coronavirus crisis has managed to bring communities together and unite Malaysians as we navigated the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our faith in humanity was restored as we saw Malaysians of all races and creeds band together to help each other under such unfortunate circumstances. For instance, nearly 33,000 Malaysians were ordered to take unpaid leave during these troubling times and the only way to survive the pandemic was to help one another. Many Malaysians began to raise funds and purchased essential items for those that were financially impacted by the virus. 
While brighter days are ahead for some as Malaysia enters its endemic stage, many Malaysians are still dealing with the consequences of the pandemic. As a result, public support is now more important than ever. It is crucial  that we support and donate to various Malaysian Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO). Here’s a list of different Malaysian NGOs you can choose to donate to!


1. Yayasan Chow Kit

First on the list is Yayasan Chow Kit. Yayasan Chow Kit is a non-profit organisation that serves to help the children of Chow Kit. They operate two drop-in centres and a safe house for children in need of temporary guardianship. In line with their aim of providing children with a safe space to fulfil their potential, they have children’s centre, Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-Kanak, which caters to children from the ages of 7 to 12 years old, and teenager-centric centre, KL Krash Pad, which welcomes young adults from the ages of  13 to 21 years old. 
The organisation continues to address the issues that impact the local community such as such as education, foster care, documentation, skill building, adoption, homelessness, abuse and more through the provision of educational and recreational programmes.


2. Light Up Borneo

Light Up Borneo is a non-governmental organisation that advocates for better access of electricity and lighting throughout the rural communities of Borneo, where such basic necessities are significantly lacking. The organisation strongly believes that proper access to electricity and lighting within these communities will help increase their access to information and promote a better understanding of their rights.
 Their many efforts are illustrated through the installation of various hydro generators  throughout the rural communities of Borneo. The NGO welcomes volunteers, technical and financial assistance to further implement their initiatives.


3. The Lost Food Project

The Lost Food Project is a local non-profit organisation that strives to create a sustainable future by repurposing the lost food and providing it to people in need. Lost food is edible food that is wasted and discarded in our landfills.
With a mission of eliminating hunger throughout Malaysia, The Lost Food Project saves quality, nutritious food and other excess products from being thrown away by redistributing them to those in need, regardless of race or creed. 
In the present, The Lost Food Project saves an average of 10 tonnes of food from the landfills each week, which accounts for just 1% of the food being thrown away. Therefore, as they aspire to do more, they would require the support and awareness of all their supporters, volunteers, and partners.


4. Hopes Malaysia

Hopes Malaysia (HOPES) is an emerging non-governmental organisation that leads initiatives in developing the underprivileged rural communities of Sabah. 
With an emphasis on ‘Sustainable Development’, HOPES intends to help these rural communities become self-sustaining communities for the future by addressing their basic needs, and improving their quality of life.
In an attempt to break the cycle of poverty within these communities, HOPES equips them with gravity water systems and farming technology, empowering them to make the most of their surroundings. Essentially, this helps alleviate their struggles and allows them to explore different economic opportunities.


5. SOLS 24/7 Foundation

A homegrown non-profit organisation, SOLS 24/7 Foundation offers free education, vocational training, and social empowerment programmes to communities in Malaysia and Indonesia. 
In line with their core purpose of dismantling inequality in education, they have been unwavering in their pursuit to serve, educate, and empower marginalised communities around us. Over the course of 21 years, their many education initiatives have impacted the lives of over 550,000 Malaysians. 
SOLS 24/7 Foundation works tirelessly to help underserved communities realise their true potential, break the cycle of poverty, and progress toward becoming a middle-class society. This is evidenced by the establishment of 100 community centres that provide free education programmes in English, Digital Tools and Personal Development at a grassroots level. 
Apart from that, through the SOLS Solar Academy, they are able to provide underprivileged Malaysian youth with personal development training and the technical skills needed to pursue a career in the solar industry. This allows these young individuals to expand their internship and employment opportunities. If you are interested in supporting or donating to the SOLS 24/7 Foundation, visit www.sols247.org.

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