6 Major Effects of Adopting Solar Power For Malaysia

6 Major Effects of Adopting Solar Power For Malaysia
Solar power is one of the energies of the future. There’s a giant nuclear fusion reactor in the sky which everyday pumps out free energy for us to harvest, all we require is the right tools. Despite this, many continue to perceive solar power as economically unviable. I’ll let you make your own mind up after reading these 6 major effects of adopting solar power:

    1. Greater Independence

As of 2010, Malaysia’s oil consumption has outweighed its oil production, leading to increased import of oil. Gone are the days when Petronas stimulated the Malaysian economy, by encouraging the use of fossil fuels. Today, Malaysians pay to import over a hundred thousand barrels of oil a day, while being almost constantly drenched in high-powered sun. Moving over to a solar-based energy economy will cut our reliance on foreign oil, and allow Malaysia to move a step closer to energy independence.

2. A Stimulated Economy

Alongside the development of energy independence, an energetic transition will also further stimulate a booming Malaysian industry; solar cell production. Malaysia is currently the world’s third largest producer of solar cells. Once widespread adoption of this technology occurs, this burgeoning industry is likely to become a key national employer, hiring and educating technicians for installation, maintenance, and recycling of solar panels. As the rest of the world pays ever-increasing amounts for dirty energy, Malaysians will be able to enjoy the clean and free power these blue panels provide. After the rest of the world realizes that solar power is desirable, Malaysian technicians will be in demand.

3. Free Power

Once everyone has their own rooftop solar panels, and an outfit of batteries, there’s no need to pay electricity bills. If widespread adoption occurs, energy will become effectively free. Leave the lights on late into the night if you want, let the air conditioner go full blast so that you can enjoy the cool breeze, and filter as much water as you want. With solar panels soaking up all the free power from the sky, there’s no need to worry about how much your appliances cost you. Once the setup fee is paid you have more than 30 years of free power to enjoy, maybe even more. With that length of time, think of it as a gift to your future self, and maybe even to your children.

4. The Perfect Commute

Why bother paying for gas when power is free? Free electricity means electric cars and bikes are the most sensible option by far. Imagine being able to drive down the highway indefinitely, without having to worry about how much it would cost you. Once you’ve got the car and the insurance, the cost of energy is nothing. Electric motors also make no noise, so with everyone riding in sun-powered cars, the highways will be silent. Only birdsong and the rustle of wind in the trees will disturb the quiet calm of Malaysian cities.

5. A More Beautifully Wild Malaysia

Malaysian cities are in a constant battle with the jungles around them. Many citizens of this verdant country might not think the nature is struggling, but the natural side of Malaysia that we see today is nothing compared to what it will be once solar panels become the standard means of powering Malaysian homes. The chemical pollution emitted by current energy production facilities is harmful to plants and animals around Malaysia. Besides the harmful chemicals, more standard fossil fuel schemes are also loud, producing a high degree of noise which is harmful to local ecosystems. Once highways and power plants become whisper silent native species will experience a rebound. Resulting in even more bright, colourful, and diverse natural areas.

6. A Cooler Climate

Solar panels are made to take the heat out of the sun. Right now, when a sunbeam hits a Malaysian roof the heat is mostly transmitted through into the living space below. That or it’s reflected off the roof only to warm the surrounding clouds and air. With solar panels trapping all that heat and turning it into usable energy, you can expect local neighbourhoods to cool significantly. Plus, with all the new trees thriving without all that smoke in the air, shade on the ground will be the new norm. To find out more about how you can join Malaysia’s solar energy revolution click here.   Written by Marcomms Intern, Jack Seaberry.
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