7 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer With SOLS 24/7

7 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer With SOLS 24/7
Malaysia has a lot of rich opportunities for anyone interested to volunteer in Asia, and the cultural experience here is second to none since the country's native population is a great mix of three major ethnic groups and various other minorities which all contribute to making Malaysia feel like Asia in its true essence.  If you are curious about how #LifeAtSOLS is, then you are on the right page. Located in Malaysia, SOLS 24/7 is a great place if you wish to volunteer in an NGO that has multiple credentials.  SOLS 24/7 is amongst the leading NGOs in Malaysia, especially when it comes to teaching and empowering underserved communities. This creates an opportunity for you to volunteer in an NGO that prides itself on being impact-driven, transparent and sustainable. Here are 7 reasons why you should volunteer with us: volunteer NGO asia

1. You want to be part of an impactful NGO

SOLS 24/7 is an award-winning humanitarian organisation, committed to serve, educate and empower poor and underserved communities. Through various education and social empowerment programs, we work tirelessly towards transforming underserved communities to develop their true potential and break the cycle of poverty.  Using revolutionary and custom-designed models – Science of Languages, Science of Technology and Science of Life – our organisation provides free education and social empowerment programmes to underserved communities in Malaysia.
  • Trained over 400,000 students.
  • Established over 100 training centres.
  • Over 200 full-time members from more than 50 countries have joined our team.
  Volunteer in Asia

2. You want to make the world a better place

If you are from abroad and want to volunteer in Asia, it is most likely because you want to experience new cultures and help people who haven’t had the same opportunities as you. Choosing meaning over money comes with great fulfilment.  It is a sad reality that no matter how much we want to believe that people are the architects of their own fortune; some in certain communities don’t have the same opportunities that we did. Many of them come from rural areas without the know-how of how to get out of their situation and are caught in the poverty mindset.  If you choose to volunteer in an NGO like SOLS 24/7, you will be trained on how to break that mindset and fight against poverty through education and empowerment of these communities. You work will create a difference and impact positively on these communities on a daily basis!   Why volunteer in Asia?

3. You want teaching experience

Volunteer in Asia as a teacher - sounds pretty cool right?! At least, if that’s your passion. The SOLS 24/7 Foundation’s main focus is to provide education for underserved communities. The organisation has spent close to 20 years empowering rural and isolated areas in Malaysia through free English educational classes. Volunteer teachers will also conduct IT, motivational and community program classes at the service of beneficiaries as well.  As a volunteer teacher in SOLS 24/7, you will be taught the methodology and techniques that work. You will undergo supervised training by professionals who will share their utmost expertise and experience with you. Therefore, teaching experience is not a necessity, however, it is, of course, preferable, but a lack of it shouldn't keep you away from applying if your passion is there.    who is sols 24/7

4. You want a cultural experience and purpose alongside travels!

When you travel around Asia, especially if you are coming from the Western world - you will experience a culture completely different from yours. Life as a volunteer in Malaysia can be an amazing experience for many to really see another part of the world and get a greater understanding of humanity. The late author and poet Hans Christian Andersen famously once stated: ‘’To travel is to live’’.  Simply put, if you want to experience Asia as no regular tourist ever will - one of the best available options for you is to teach as a volunteer teacher in an NGO like ours. This will not only be travelling for you, but it will be a lifetime experience filled with benefits, and your cultural backpack will feel a lot heavier - in the best way possible. However, please don’t mistake volunteering for voluntourism.   volunteer abroad in asia

5. You want to grow professionally and personally

If you want to grow smarter and wiser with having gained professional AND personal knowledge, then volunteering abroad may be the right thing for you to do. When you volunteer in an NGO, you will have a great opportunity to fine-tune your skills and gain new competencies.  Experience is always preferred, but passion gets you a long way in our organisation. As Gary Vaynerchuck, the famous speaker and Internet personality once said: “Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless”. Personal growth can really come from stepping out of your comfort zone. Another growth factor is when you are serving others - a big change in your attitude can occur. Humbleness, kindness, and softness can all of a sudden bring upon a new meaning to you and this may become your strongest assets. This is how good it feels to do good.  Having relevant volunteer experience in Asia also strengthens your resume and will help you in your career, and it shows more than just discipline or commitment. Being a volunteer shows the character of a person who went all the way across the world to be a part of something great and bigger than themselves.    Why Bother Learning English?

6. You want to spend quality time away from the lifestyle you know 

If you are feeling stuck or caught up in your daily pattern to the extent that it’s affecting you badly - then a memorable and meaningful getaway may be just what you need. So many choose to volunteer in Asia as a way to break away from their old life, and experience the world from a new perspective. Both Malaysia and SOLS 24/7 can offer you the same.  However, it does not have to be the case that it is all bad. Maybe volunteering is a passion of yours, maybe it is just something you have thought about for a while or maybe it is just the idea of gaining international experience with an international organisation that attracts you. Either way, if you are joining SOLS 24/7 as a volunteer you can be assured that there is a community waiting for you somewhere, excited to meet their new teacher and learn whatever they can from you.  It doesn’t matter whether you are 20 years old, or even 60! Break the common volunteer stereotypes.   volunteer programmes in asia

7. You want to become part of a community 

If you volunteer with SOLS 24/7, you will definitely become a part of a community. You gain experience, and also a sense of belonging - a family, to some. There is no denying it, as a teacher you will be highly appreciated by your students. The general feedback from previous volunteers has been overwhelming.  SOLS 24/7 has community centres all over Malaysia and despite the fact that working as a volunteer in Asia may not be the fanciest of jobs, it can be a job that brings the most fulfilment; it is work that matters, as we say. If this is your passion, then there is a likelihood that SOLS 24/7 can offer you an experience you wouldn’t want to be without.  Take a look at all the benefits we offer when you volunteer in Malaysia with us.
  • Free accommodation - We offer free accommodation throughout your stay in Asia.
  • Free food - We provide 3 meals a day, 5 days a week to all our staff. Our hardworking cooks rest on the weekends, they deserve it!
  • Visa provided - For international applicants only, based on Malaysian immigration approval.
VOLUNTEER WITH US If not SOLS 24/7, there are many other organisations here in Malaysia, or in other Asian countries, that are so inspiring with a plethora of causes for you to choose from. Start your volunteering journey today!   Read More - Everything You Need to Know About Volunteering in Asia
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