Volunteer work in KL, experience something wild in the concrete jungle

Volunteer work in KL, experience something wild in the concrete jungle

Volunteer work in KL

Kuala Lumpur, the concrete jungle! This city is seriously beginning to thrive and develop as time passes on and that’s why SOLS 24/7 has their HQ specifically centred there. With its handy travel links and delicious cuisine, volunteers are literally jumping at the chance to give KL a go. When it comes to our organisation, the chance to take part in volunteer work in KL is endless. Kuala Lumpur gained its nickname as an urban jungle by becoming the centre of the country’s hustle and bustle, it is booming with business and economic advancement. However, we must not be fooled by its rapid development as there are still many areas of Malaysia that may go unnoticed and communities left to fend for themselves without a second glance. This is why SOLS 24/7 is on a specialised mission to serve, educate and empower the impoverished communities of Malaysia and to ensure that everybody gets an equal chance at a bright, sustainable future. So, if you are reading this right now and fancy exploring what the KL volunteering scene has to offer, let’s take a little look at what’s up for grabs at our award-winning humanitarian organisation.


If you, like us, believe that education is extremely fundamental for the future then there are plenty of platforms which are seeking your assistance! To break down the cold concrete exterior of KL, we have set up various community centres around the city and Malaysia itself to encourage togetherness within society. Our SOLS centres are there to provide learners with free ICT, English and motivational classes, yes that’s right- completely free! We want to transform negative mindsets to positive, to break the repetitive cycle of poverty. Not only do we want to simply teach English, ICT and motivational skill sets, we wish for our pupils to apply them to real life situations. For instance, our ICT classes may teach the students to create their own CV so that they can set their sights on landing a job and help them perfect their work email etiquette. On the other hand, our motivational classes drive pupils towards utilising their potential and never giving up on dreams which they may label as ‘unreachable’. If you’re into transforming fixed mindsets into growth mindsets, then we would love to hear from you! At our organisation, you can actually become a community centre manager where you get to teach and live with a community for 1 year, or if you’d rather, you can become a volunteer teacher. The possibilities truly are endless as we offer soon-to-be SOLS staff many options based on their preferences. Simply take a look at our range of options for volunteering opportunities in education and see what’s on offer!


Does the idea of preserving the environment sound like an ideal volunteering venture to you? Or are you an environmental explorer searching for ways you can truly make a difference in the world? Volunteer work in KL could not be easier with our SOLS Energy scheme where we tackle the renewable energy trade and cater to the demand for renewable energy production. Moving towards a solar-powered society may just be inevitable for Malaysia’s future; therefore, we have caught onto the potential of this for our future generations. By forming a Solar Academy, we are able to teach youth from rural areas about solar panel installation, maintenance and reparation. SOLS Academy provides a complete learning experience where we even give students a chance to take part in a paid training programme and gain professional exposure. Seeing as youth unemployment rates in rural Malaysia are at an all-time high, it seems as though one million Malaysians still don’t have access to electricity. So, how can you play a part? Well, if you possess a passion for sharing knowledge with people and think your environmental expertise could really shape a student’s future then why not volunteer with the SOLS Academy? Not only do you get to transfer your ideas to others, you’ll also get a chance to witness how to design a solar system, how they get distributed from SOLS 24/7 and how to install and maintain the panels. It’s a win-win situation! See if solar is for you and begin to feel empowered…


For those of you who are looking for something a little different, we don’t just stop at SOLS Energy. We have our hands tied up in SOLS Tech too and our goal is simply this: to make technology accessible to everyone (especially the undeserved communities in Malaysia). The world of tech is sometimes viewed as a niche one where many people feel a little left out and can’t quite grip the concept, therefore, our programme helps to educate the communities and also donates digital devices to help impoverished communities get connected. However, if you’re not too into tech, there is always SOLS Health to get involved with! Just like education, we want health- specifically mental health- to be addressed. Our fight is focused on making the mental health services easier to access by breaking stigmas and therefore, boundaries. If psychology and the mindset fascinate you, then you can contact us about any placements you may be interested in or how you can channel your expertise in another country and culture. At SOLS 24/7 we are never short of social empowerment, environmental and educational volunteering opportunities. We take pride in our organisation by covering a wide range of topics for you to choose from and to help with; applying for volunteer work in KL couldn’t be easier! What’s even cooler about the chance to volunteer here is the amount you give, will be the same amount you get back. The more you’re willing to learn and delve into a totally foreign environment, the unique and diverse skills you will learn compared to those who wish to play it safe. Plus, despite its harsh label as a concrete jungle, it’s really just a city with a soft SOLS heart in the centre.
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